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Here I post random thoughts floating around my head.

04/20/23: the super mario movie

I recently watched the Super Mario Bros. movie. I enjoyed it, it was cool. It was pretty accurate to the lore, not so much the timelines though. Other than that, it was a good movie. I counted 14 references to other Nintendo games in the movie, so I think it's cool that Nintendo actually cares about franchises other than Super Mario.

07/6/23: 4th of july

So I'm american, so obviously I celebrate the fourth. But my question is what's the point of fireworks on the 4th? Like I love watchinng fireworks with my family every year. Fireworks are so cool. But what's the correlation between the holiday and funny loud sky boom sticks? I just never got that.

7/30/23: buying a 3DS

I've been thinking about buying a 3DS for a while now, and I've been split between a base model 3DS and this emulation handheld called the "retroid pocket 3". I finally decided to just get a 3DS and flashcart off eBay. The reason I picked the 3DS is because I can just mod it easily with a $15 flashcart and emulate everything the retroid pocket can. I can also get stuff like hShop, which is a homebrew app that allows you do download software and games for DS, 3DS, DSi, virtual console and homebrew stuff. But I bet you're wondering, "isn't that piracy?" and, yeah. it kinda is. But what are people supposed to do without the eShop? Spend $40 on a cartridge from eBay? Nah.


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