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Site Updates

Here's my updates page, where I post updates on new website things.

March 20, 2023: Ryan's Website is created.

March 21, 2023: Blog page is created.

March 22, 2023: Added 90s website buttons.

March 23, 2023: Website hosting was moved to ryan.aftersleep.org.

March 24, 2023: Animated buttons & GIFs were added.

April 3, 2023: Blog is renamed to updates page.

April 21, 2023: The redesign is completed. Thanks to dvd3000 for the design!

May 15, 2023: A LOT of things have been changed. There's no way I can remember them all to put them here, just look around the site and figure out yourself.

July 5, 2023: Finally beginning to add the homepage's design to every page. Definitely gonna be quicker than the last update.

July 6, 2023: Redesigned every page. It was very much needed because all of the other pages looked out of place compared to my homepage.

August 7, 2023: Added the chat page to the sidebar.


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